help!! has anyone heard of 8.8 x 72R ??

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    Nov 26, 2008
    Ladies and gents,

    just because i'm a beginner to this forum and technical aspects of rifles, doesn't mean i don't love them.

    As such, can i please get some help?

    I have come into posession of a drilling ie 16 gauge double barrel and a rifled barrel underneath.

    on that barrel it is stamped 8.8 x 72, or rather exactly "8,8mm ---- (over) 72"

    The model and brand of the firearm is unknown however only proofing marks that are readable are "nitro" "ERFUT" (lead me to believe it is a mauser or sauer) and a number of other proofing marks which i have been unable to make out.

    The gun is old, i estimate about 1940 something. it has a name, probably of a manufacturer on the top bead which starts as "arnold" the surname is a german name that i can no longer read but is probably about 20 letters long.

    So whats the problem?

    I have searched high and low in australia for anyone who has ever heard of this calibre. the closest thing available is an 8 x 72 R and while the "72R" bit is right (the bullets i'm looking for should be rimmed), the 8 isn't. its to small

    so i had a mould made up, of a poxy. the venier calipers tell me that at the head of the shell it should be 6.5mm and the mouth is approx 4.85-4.90mm.

    i am yet to send the mould to a manufacturer in victoria (bertram bullets), however after speaking to them on the phone, initial indications don't look to good

    i have consulted the cartridges of the world book at the local gun shop and apparently, according to the man behind the counter, a very very VERY close match is a bullet called "333 jefferys flange" which however is an obsolete model.

    bottom line is, i cannot find the right size for this!

    what next?

    well i know that alot of drillings were made by alot of germans. and alot of those people did make their own bullets to suit. so it could very well be a niche bullet

    but i know, in this huge wide world of things that go bang, there has to be a bullet out there to suit.

    so can any one help me? this has been a hunt for 2 years. and i am only getting hungrier and hungrier for a solution

    i know most of you are thinking, don't bother its a shit gun, well that may be that it doesn't have the anti tank power of a .50 cal, but it is of sentimental value, a family heirloom. so to me....IT MUST WORK

    how can you help?

    has anyone heard of this calibre before? if so, can you tell me more about it.

    i know my search must go beyond the borders of australia if need be, and i will pay for a solution. and now i'm even more hungry cos the guy in the gun shop kept telling me to give up looking

    can someone please direct me on who i can talk to and where they are?

    many thanks and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!
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    Apr 10, 2012
    hi, i have a gun just like yours. same caliber and 16 guage. my problem is the fore grip and stock is missing. i wish you would do me a favor, would you take some good pictures of the forend all sides and mesuraments. i am so glad i found you. i haven't found anyone that had one before now.
    thank you so much