Help a friend in Whitefish, MT

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    May 15, 2012
    Hi Guys, below is an email from a friend of mine in Whitefish, MT. Noah Clayton is a talented photographer there, and this is a way for him to land a good contract. If you have time, and you're on Facebook, please lend him a hand.


    Hello Friends,
    Please help. I'm currently vying for a catalog gig with Native Eyewear and in their eyes facebook matters. I'm probably considered an under average fb user. I try to find better things to do with my limited time. However, it is the current nature of the biz... one must "Adapt or Die". If "likes" were the only consideration for hire I am certainly the underdog by a long shot. Hopefully, you are about to help me change that. So, with humility, I am asking you to "like" me.

    Click this link:
    "like" Native Eyewear in order to vote, then click "like" by my name to show your support and help me land this gig!
    ****you have to like Native Eyewear before you can vote****

    If you have time, take a moment to like my facebook page:

    And if you don't I won't hold it against you... I personally can't stand this type of solicitation. But if you do, please share the effort with your friends so I might have a fighting chance. Thanks for your support!

    Noah Clayton