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  1. blackdimond626

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    Aug 25, 2012
    My name is Jason I am from Springfield Oregon. I have a love of long range guns that is short of crazy. Although I do not have any long range rifles now I still love them. One day I hope to have a custom 17 hmr made and one in 204 ruger. That is just for starters. I also have a love for tiny groups and long range hunting. Most of you who read this will say why a 17 HMR? I really can explain my love for that caliber that and the ones I have owned have not given me the groups I want. So i would like to see if a custom one can give me what I want. Well that is all any questions feel free to ask me.
  2. submoa

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    Aug 22, 2012
    well jason have you tried the savage 17s the one i have is close to there base model and it shoots about 1/4 to 1/2 inch groups at 100 yards