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    Feb 29, 2012
    Hi everyone.

    I am located in upstate NY. I stopped hunting for 15 years. Realizing that I was missing valuable time with my dad, I took it back up a few years ago. A co-worker was raving about the Marlin XL7 guns. I bought my first rifle in Jan 2009. A Marlin XL7 30-06. Since then, I have gotten a little carried away.

    2009 also brought a Marlin model 60 22lr, a Ruger stainless 22" barrel 10/22, and a Remington 7615 .223 pump carbine.

    2010 brought just one gun, a used 1974 Remington 870 12 gauge pump (160) :)

    in 2011, I bought a Savage 17HMR, a gorgeous Tikka M595 Whitetail Hunter in .308, a Marlin model 25 (22wmr) and a Remington 7600 in .35 Whelen.

    I never thought I would like bolt guns much, and thought I would hunt with the Marlin XL7 until I could save up to buy a pump in .308 or 30-06. Now that I own the two pumps, I have to say I am a bolt guy. I want to get rid of the pumps and the Xl7 and buy two more Tikkas. The pumps feel "clunky". The Whelen rattles a little. The Marlin XL7 is functional, but once I owned the Tikka, there really is no comparison between the two.

    My immediate goal is to get a Tikka T3 Lite Stainless in a .223 for inexpensive target practice. I want to mount a bipod on it and practice at 100 yards and slowly work my way up to 400-500 yards. I am thinking of a 4-12 x 50 Vortex for it.

    I also want a bigger Tikka in .300, or 338 Winchester Mag. Not sure why, I just want one!

    Anyways, I have seen a lot of posts here when doing google searches, and I started looking around and I like the site and thought I'd join and learn a few things.
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    Welcome to LongRangeHunting. Sounds like you're really hooked. :)