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    Dec 4, 2008
    I have been reading here a while and decided to sign up (need that search feature). I may have run into a few people somewhere else as I am not new to gun forums. Huntamerica, huntingnet, accuratereloding, graybeardoutdoors, savageshooter to name a few.

    My interests include the ballistics as well as mini gunsmithing opportunities - not requiring a machine shop. Lately, I have been able to shoot more - young kids cut into this hobby for a few years. I am fortunate to have the ability to shoot 600 yds easily and more if I want to move stuff around. Usually, however I just put a target out about 300.

    For guns, I like Savage because I am left handed and they are the most LH friendly maker I know of. I mess around with H&R because I like the easy way to get different chamberings without the cost and effort (this extends to Savage also).

    For hunting, realistically just a deer hunter, in the woods so my longest shot has probably been about 125 yds.

    Right now, Im trying to decide if/what my next project will be. Short list is ream a 44 mag to 445sm (H&R), or ream my 45-70 to 45-90 (H&R), or ream a 30-06 to 30-06AI (Savage), or add something in a 338 flavor to a 7mmRem Mag savage. Time will only tell I guess - its a long winter.
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    Welcome to Long Range Hunting. It sounds like you'll fit right in.:)

    Sounds like your winter is pretty well planned out. Let us know which way you go and how it works out.