Hello from South Dakota!

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    Dec 18, 2010
    I'm not real sure how I got here but I'm glad I did!

    I've been reloading for over 30 years and been tinkering a little on my rifles during that time.

    I mainly shoot 270 WSM's and have found some interesting things here...I have a Kimber 8400 in 270WSM and a Model 70 in 270WSM.

    I have a number of other rifles including a 300WSM,270Win,30-06's,243's a 222 and an odd 45/70 and 35 Rem for good measure.

    I've been a little intrigued by Long Range Hunting for some time and have made a number of kills in the 4-500 yard range on Deer, Elk, Antelope, Gophers,Prairie Dogs, Coyotes, Etc.

    With the information on this site it looks like those shots may become alot easier and it opens up the Possibility of making some longer shots.

    Anyway I am now interested in the heavier bullets for the 270WSM. I have been using the 150 Partition for Elk and mainly the 130 Interbond for Deer and lately the 130VLD also. The ballistics on the 169.5 Wildcat are pretty interesting!

    Anyway now I am considering building a Long Range rifle...maybe something in the 270AM caliber but more likely in 270WSM or 7mmWSM. Most of my rifles are pretty light sporters for carrying but I am interested in something that I can sit and reach out with. I did have a Model 70 Laredo in 300WM with a Choate sniper stock that I enjoyed...

    The reading so far has been great! Thanks for having a great site dedicated to hunting at Long Range!

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    Jan 20, 2004

    Welcome aboard.

    Heavier bullets for the 270 WSM is good thinking.

    Anything in 270 heavier than 150 with a decent bc is hard to come by. But things are gonna change pretty quickly from a several different directions.

    I shoot a 270 AM. It was my first jump at a semi-custom, built on a Rem 721 action, long range rifle. All I can say is WOW! 3500 fps, bug hole accuracy w/anything stuffed in it. The 169 WCs are trucking along starting at a bit under 3400.