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    Dec 21, 2008
    First post for me. Been reading for a long time. Been hunting and shooting for most of my 50. I am on the path to going longer range and the forums have helped much.

    I took a speedgoat in Wy last year and thru a Leup 6.5-20x50 varmint ret. at 290 yds it was a chip shot. Used a Cooper Phx in 6.5-284. I recently had a custom 7wsm built on a Stiller Predator action, Broughton 5C, Badger rings, metal and brake, Mcmillan A5. I thought the Cooper was tight! I've had more one holers in each session than most of my shooting career! The Predator is temporarily wearing a 4.5-14x50 B&C ret Leupold.

    The query is what scope system to go with for long range. I use a Swaro rangefinder. I'm sure I'm not alone pondering: Holland ART Reticle system, NF mil or moa reticle, Huskemaw (Huskemaw is real tempting for its simplicity) and is it an absolute necesity to have a PDA w/software, Kestral and Angle Cosine for each shot. I am thinking long range proficiency for me would be nice at 500 to 600 yds at the outside. As much as I enjoy shooting long, I like to get close and enjoy the game I'mhunting before launching the pill.

    I'm expecting a tuned/rebarreled Rem 700 .25-06 back from GA Precision shortly and will be shopping new glass for it too.
    If I draw a WY elk tag next month I will have to decide between the 14lb Predator or the 6.5 w/140 Berger VLD. I hope I have to make a decision! Best regards to all.
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    Welcome to Long Range Hunting. I've got to admit, NYC doesn't come to mind when I think about long range shooting/hunting.:)