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    Feb 15, 2011

    Dan here from north georgia, have also lived in Ohio, NJ, and western Colorado. My uncle was a hunting guide in western colorado (30+ years), and a good friend of Elmer Keith, and in fact was involved with Elmer in coming up with the 338-378KT (my uncle was the T (Bob Thomson), and I actually got to meet Elmer a couple of times in my youth, and we stayed at his house one weekend long ago....what an original personality he was!! Was able to participate in the last year my uncle guided, and he shot an elk with that 338-378KT at about 600 yards.

    Anyway, even though I don't hunt anymore I do enjoy reading the forum, and do keep active in fly fishing, may take up shooting again as I near retirement.

    I do have some outdoor websites, one provides a free listing place for fishing guides, and the other newer site which provides free listings for any type of outdoor guide activity, including hunting. Guides are welcome to post their free listing, with pictures and descriptions, and links to their websites, or other contact info.

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