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    Dec 25, 2007
    My name is Nathaniel G. Lambeth, Sr., I am a Gunsmith and Custom Ammunition maker located at 15 Sunflower Drive Youngsville, NC 27596, (919) 556-0554 Home/Shop, (919) 662-6848 cell. I specialize in custom action and barrel work. I work on Remington, Winchester, Savage, Montana 1999, Bat, Stiller, Borden, Hall, Stolle, and other customs. No mausers or military guns. I do build custom AR platform rifles. I prefer working with Broughton, Krieger, RockCreek, Lilja, Hart, barrels. I prefer to do Long Range Prone, Bench guns, Varmint, Beanfield, and dangerous game guns.

    Call or write for refrences or a quote.

    Nat Lambeth