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    Nov 23, 2011
    My name's Jeremy and I live near Raleigh NC. I have always loved long range shooting but it's a bit difficult to find safe places to take long range shots around my area. I had kind of lost interest in shooting over the past 4-5 years mainly due to ammo prices and no friends into it but recently an old friend has started reloading and picked up my interest in it again.

    Have a question for anyone up to date on rifle prices, I bought a Remington 700 tactical XCR 20" .308 from my friend and just curious of what this model sells for new and a good fair price used?

    I look foward to conversing with you guys and picking up tips on technique and maybe some places to do some varmint hunting but I know of nothing around NC. I have seen a few ground hogs and coyotes around my area but they are a rare site for now and it's hard to find large open areas.

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    Dec 5, 2007
    Welcome, I'm outside of Raleigh in Youngsville. Check out my web site and come by the shop some time. Dan