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    Feb 9, 2012
    My name is Paul and I like to hunt first and foremost. I like to hunt deer, but I have hunted waterfowl and upland birds a lot in the past. I went elk hunting in Idaho last fall and though I did not have a chance to shoot a bull elk it was really exciting. I will go again when time permits.

    I like going to the shooting range and shoot my rifles. I also own a Kimber 82
    government model in 22lr. which my wife and daughter enjoys to shoot since there is almost no recoil.

    Last year I bought a Rem. 700 SPS in 223 Rem. with the varmint barrel and I have now figured out which ammo the rifle shoots the best. After I purchased this rifle last year is how I found this forum by poking around the web for info on varmint hunting. I would like to go to Wyoming and shoot prairie dogs with this rifle if time permits this summer. gun)


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    Welcome to LongRangeHunting Paul.