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    Nov 29, 2010
    I live in AZ about 1/2 time and in Fallbrook, CA the rest. I love to hunt big game and birds. I have several springer spaniels for the bird huning. I am also trying to get into coyote hunting. I have a couple of friends that have long range rifles and they got me interested in long range shooting. I mostly use a Remington 700BDL in 300 WM for big game. I don't want to get a rifle like my friends have. (serious expensive long range custom stuff) so i was thinking about upgrading my rifle. That's how I found this forum. I was thinking about changing the stock and the scope. It has a Leupold 3-10x40 and shoots pretty good groups at 300 yds. Do you think a new stock and scope would get me out to 600?