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    Jul 11, 2012
    Very excited to be part of the LRH.com community! My name is Mike Johnson and I'm the owner of Hells Canyon Armory. First off a little bit about HCA and myself.

    HCA is a big supporter of all things guns and is a proud sponsor of the first collegiate approved 3-gun team in the Nation! You can check out the Aggie 3 Gunners pages here (My hunting partner is a Longhorn fan, go figure... :D)

    HCA is a new company that is located in eastern WA state and is specializing in tactical accessories, competitive gear, weapons (both Seekins, PWS, and Stag arms are on order), and hopes to bring unrivaled customer service and quality gear to you! I myself have been involved in the shooting sports for 10+ years but only recently started competing (3 years ago). We are selling a lot from the popular manufacturers and our inventory is constantly growing!

    Some items that we sell that I'd like to highlight is our Galati gun cases and drag bags/shooting mats, for those of you with an AR check out our buffer springs, with a rated duty cycle of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of rounds and around $20 they are a great value. Also have various Seekins Precision in stock and hope to get more soon!
    Hells Canyon Armory | Tactical Springs LLC

    Not sure if you guys are as picky as I am about shooting glasses as well as casual wear, but Edge Tactical Eyewear has exploded onto the ballistic glass market with their new line up. This company has historically been a safety glasses company and their new ballistic glasses are top notch. Ballistic rated glass means they can withstand a .25 caliber steel ball impact at 150 feet per second! They have a wicked anti-fog coating on the lens and have 3X anti-scratch coatings as well. Nothing but great feedback on these glasses and WELL below what you find their competitors priced at!
    Hells Canyon Armory | Edge Eyewear

    We also have Aimpoint, EOTech, Weaver Tactical 1-5's, Leupold Mark 4's, as well a large selection of MagPul accessories! Any business is appreciated and again I look forward to helping bring positive dealings to the forum and its members! If you need anything we are setup with a few different wholesale distributors and are always eager to help get what you need to you ASAP.

    We also have some exciting things coming from HCA hopefully this year! Going to be very exciting and you guys will definitely be notified when new developments occur!


    Mike Johnson