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    Sep 26, 2011
    Hello all. Found this site as I was searching for information on Coyote hunting. I've hunted off and on for years, but finally got serious about 4 years ago when we moved from NY to Maine. We got seriously lucky and wound up moving ion next to a very friendly and very knowledgable hunter who has taken it upon himself to make sure I hunt much more often, and is also getting me into reloading. Lucky for wallet, he has just about everything and likes getting paid for supplies in home brew!

    The rifle I hunt deer with is a Savage 110, .270. I bought it used and other than a good cleaning, and putting a better scope on it, I've done nothing to it. I don't have tons of experience to compare with, but I'm real happy with it.

    The gun I shoot most often is a little Henry .22. That thing is a blast, although the little red squirrels that used to chew on my house would disagree.

    We have quite a few coyotes around here, and while I'm sure the .270 is fine... who doesn't need another rifle? So I'm reading up on .223, 22-250, and the like. Looking at some of the projects people have done here, I'm now inspired to try and build something myself.

    Looking forward to picking up lots of good info here. Thanks in advance!
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    Welcome to LongRangeHunting.