Hello from Central Indiana

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    May 5, 2012
    Hello the camp.

    I recently joined this forum and though it would be a good idea to say hello.

    I live in central Indiana and look forward to spending time on this site. I have a S&W Model A (Husqvarna 1640 action) in 30-06 with a Redfield 2-7 power scope. This rifle was given to me by a good friend and neighbor who purchased it new in the '60's.

    I'm planning on building a "Scout" rifle and considering using the Winchester Ultimate Shadow as the basis. With that in mind, what can any of you tell me about the composite stock Winchester uses on this rifle? Should I plan on replacing the stock, or will it hold up? If it turns out that the Ultimate Shadow stock should be replaced, I'll probably go with the Featherweight.