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    Nov 19, 2010
    As you can see from my username, I've been shooting an old (late 70's) Remington 6mm 788 for almost 30 years - off & on. I bought it new, and have always taken great care of it, shooting "downloaded" handloads & thoroughly cleaning it after every shooting session. 40 gr of IMR 3450 pushing a 100 gr Sierra Boat tailed Spitzer gets me consistent nickel to dime sized groups ( & the occasional quarter to silver dollar, when the wind is high) . All I've done to it is free float the barrel. I took a few cow elk with it, before switching to bow hunting (only) about 15 years ago.

    I recently bought a Rem 700 SPS Varmint 223 and I'm looking at pillar-bedding both, which is what brought me here. I've already switched out the flimsy plastic stock for a Ross thumb hole featherweight. I'll also be looking for reload recipes for the 223. I shoot mostly Sierra, but am willing to try anything, especially if it involves the SPS Varmint. I've got a lot of lurking to do - looks like there is a HUGE wealth of information here!
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    Welcome to LongRangeHunting.