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    Dec 6, 2012
    Hello everyone.
    I am from Australia.
    After having abreak for many years, from shooting, hunting and some competition shooting in the military. I have taken the sport up again.
    I found this site while I was researching . I am very impressed with this site and its wide variety of members with their experience and knowledge.
    I have a rem 700 sps varmint in 204 ruger with a Zeiss HD5 5-25 on it and a BSA 243. Also a CZ455 Varmint in 17HMR. As I am pretty limited to foxes and some rabbits in my area.
    I have recently begun reloading and am still learning. So I thankyou all for your assistance and appologize for any stupid questions I may ask. I would be pleased to help if I can also.
    Regards Andrew