Heavy SD buck

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    Oct 9, 2008
    Sat eve my wife and I went out to locate some goats for a Sun morning hunt. We immediately walked up on about 15 at about 700 yds. We set up on a ridge top at about 600 and waited for the buck to clear the does. Jen ranged the buck at 599 yds, I dialed up 7.25 MOA, and with no wind to speak of I squeezed on a shot. The scope moved very little, I saw the bullet hit high in the shoulder, and the buck crumbled. After a couple hugs and high fives, Jen ran back to get the truck, I packed up everything and walked to get my buck. It was getting dark when I was almost to the spot and I looked up ahead and saw a buck looking back at me from another ridge. I glassed him, but thought he was a different buck since I saw mine fall on the spot. We were unable to find my buck after over an hour of driving back and forth, and in circles. We looked for 3 more hours the next morning with the same result. However, some friends were moving some cows in the same area and they found what was left of my buck. I have never witnessed the descruction a pack of coyotes can do in such a short time. Besides what you can see, there were only bones and hide left. I'll post a few more pics after he's all cleaned up.
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    Nov 24, 2009
    Cool Buck! Your description of what coyotes can do mirrors what i have seen. There wasn't even any blood in the grass around the carcass of a deer my uncle shot...