Have you tried AccurateShooter.com?

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    May 2, 2001
    AccurateShooter.com is a must if you are serious about rifles and shooting accurately. Owner Paul McMenamin has done wonders with this site. The quality of the editorial content that goes into his site each day is a tremendous asset to the shooting community.

    I've known him for four or five years, mostly by phone and email. But I have run into him at SHOT Show in recent years.

    The Daily Bulletin brings news of the industry, hints on tech issues, deals available on stuff and much more.

    Cartridge Guides for the most common calibers are read thousands of times per month. Just take a look at this one for the common 7mm cartridges.

    And of course there is a very active forum with a lot of tech-savvy shooters just waiting to help you. I feel the member attitudes and quality are very similar to what we are proud of here at LRH. You'll be welcome there.

    With this brief mention of Paul's site, I know I'm not doing it justice. You MUST try it.

    Paul, my friend, you deserve your success!

    Len Backus

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    GNERGY Guest

    A lot of good info there too. If I am not here, ( my home for any questions or info I need.)
    I am lurking over there, or at Practical Machinist.com