Harry M. Pope

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    For those too young to know:

    The Rifleman's Journal: History: Harry Pope

    This should help to change the opinion of those that think that BLACKPOWDER is not accurate:

    " Pope himself has one 200 yard target that shows 10 shots grouping within 5/8 of an inch, center to center!"
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    Thanks. I enjoyed the read.

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    I too enjoyed the read.

    Especially this:
    By this time the Pope muzzle-loading system was developed in its final form. Harry had modified the Schalk method of rifling as used in the original Hayes rifle: his own consisted of eight wide grooves on a radius about three times that of the bore, gain twist, with the corners of the grooves rounded instead of square, which tended to make cleaning easier. The grooves were cut just deeply enough to clear the bore in the center and give a depth at the corners of about .004 inch, half that of Schalk's rifling. The lands were very narrow, about 1/8th to 1/10th the width of the grooves. The bore was given a slight, gradual taper from breech to muzzle.

    Gain twist?
    "corners of grooves rounded instesd of square"?

    Me thinks modern barrel makers could take some hints from Mr. Pope!!

    Oh! An how did he taper the bore?????

    Once in a while a great one comes along. . .