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    Jun 12, 2001
    Yesterday I went up to the Paw Paw bends of the Potomac River and hunted some ducks and geese. The geese were all over on the West Virginia side of the river so I sat and watched them for about an hour. They were finding plenty of food in the river which was good. It means the river is healthy. They were all resident geese which is bad news about global warming. I have spent all of my life since I came back from Vietnam trying to help rivers. There are eagles and river otters in the Paw Paw bends and they were not there 25 years ago. I claim no credit because I do not work that high up in the Potomac but it is good to know that others have also worked hard. I do not kill many animals any more but I get great joy from what I call hunting (other people might call it just sitting under a tree with a gun or bow watching the river flow by).

    My wife fixed Thanksgiving dinner which was a joy with us all around the table.

    Life is good and there is much to be thankful for.