"hangfires" / Delayed Ignition

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    Jan 11, 2006
    I'm loading for a .300 Win Mag. I use a domestic South African powder (S385) that gives me the best load density, with 210gr Berger VLD's.

    The charges are 68.5gr - 68.7gr for 2800-2850 fps. It's a stick powder.

    I've used the Federal #215 (LR Mag) and found that I got lower SD's and better accuracy with WW LR and CCI LR (neither are magnum primers).

    So far so good. But twice now in 100 rounds or so with the CCI's I've had a perceptible hangfire. Just a split second, but enough to have me start lifitng my head in a "what??!!" and have BANG!!! So much for decent follow through!

    Any ideas on a fix?

    I haven't figured out the load density, but the case is filled to probably just a whisker below the shoulder if I recall. According to Somchem (powder manufacturer) the "bulk density" in g/dm cubed is 930 and the "VMD factor" proivded is 0.0697 cc/gr (if that helps anyone any).

    Could I try a filler like corn meal in the case? How would I approach it? I'm assuming this is a load density issue, but maybe it isn't. The case really is full enough for me to actually not have expected a problem.

    I'll look for WW primers again (what I had was from my dad's stock and is probably at least 15 years old). We aren't exactly spoilt for choice here in SA.

    Thanks for any input and suggestions.

    (JHB, SA)
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    Mar 22, 2003
    I suspect the powder is heavily coated you need a magnum primer!

  3. J E Custom

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    Jul 29, 2004

    After reading your post it sounded like you have a problem
    with the primer compound going bad.

    This can be from moisture,oil from handling or just getting old.

    The cci primers are no colder than the winchester or remington
    LR Primers so that should not be the problem.

    And if it was a seating problem it would happen with all brands.

    A true hangfire ( doesen't ever go off ) is normaly to much head
    space or a faulty firing pin ( weak spring , to mutch grease in bolt
    short from ware.

    As far as the mag primers I found the same thing with standard
    deviation's being higher but so was the velocity.

    Switching to standard large rifle primers improved the SD's

    I use to buy primers by the brick and ended up with a lot of
    old ,bad primers.so now I only buy 2 or 3 hundred at a time.

    Remington or CCi seem to be the most consistent for me but if
    they are not available get what is and store them well and
    replace them often.

    I hope this helps

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    Jan 11, 2006

    Thanks. JEC - shouldn't be - they are new and I never had a problem with heavier charges and 178gr A-Maxes. I hear you though.

    Methinks maybe Ghost is right, but due to the poor SD's I was hoping for something else. JE you are right - higher velocity, pressures and SD's. But like SD's 5-10 for Std and 30-40 for Mag!!!!

    Thing is it's infrequent which makes me wonder if it's the orientation of the powder in the case. That's why I asked about fillers.

    As an exercise any input on fillers is welcome - just another thing to try.

    Thanks again for the replies.