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    Mar 9, 2005
    I’ve decided I just don’t have the time for bluing and metal finishing and have decided to sell my gunsmithing tools related to that.

    AGI Video "Professional Metal Re-Finishing and Hot Caustic Bluing" DVD
    Clearly explains and demonstrates in comprehensive detail everything that you need to know to refinish firearms. Covers detailed metal preparation, tank set up and mixing processes. 4 hours.

    AGI Video "Rust and Nitre Bluing" DVD
    Learn step-by-step how to perform this little-known process. The Pro Metal Smithing and Bluing video is mentioned as a prerequisite and should be viewed prior to this course to fully understand the metal preparation process. 289 Minutes.

    Both videos have been viewed once and are fantastic. Very easy to understand and see exactly how to blue and finish metal. I’ve never done any metal refinishing before and after watching these videos once, I easily

    These videos run nearly $200 for both. Will sell for $75 SHIPPED.

    Black Iron bluing tank
    I just bought this in the fall, but this is one I’ve only used once. There is some surface rust that easily removes with steel wool. Since it’s untreated iron, this is normal per Brownells. My other tank which is now sold, was like that and I just had to clean it up every now and then, so its nothing not normal.
    Pic of my tank:

    $42 SHIPPED (remember this is fairly heavy and will cost a decent amout to ship!)

    The rest of this I’d like to sell in one set:
    $35 Shipped.

    Mark Lee EXPRESS BLUE #1 – rust bluing solution, 16oz bottle, about 14 oz left.

    BirchWood Casey BLUE & RUST REMOVER new in package, never opened.


    N44010 GLOVES rubber gloves

    Cotton POLISHING GLOVES 9 pair

    Latex gloves about 40 pair

    I can take Paypal for +3%, otherwise any other form of payment is fine or FTF in Minnesota. I’d consider trades, as I am always looking for reloading equipment or rifles.

    Let me know if you have any questions!