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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Qzilla, Nov 19, 2006.

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    Jun 11, 2006
    I have a handful of rifles that I am thinking of selling but, I have no idea what they are worth or how to figure it out. I do not even remember what I paid for them. Can you guys help?

    Rem 700 PSS 300 RUM with a brake installed (not sure who did it but it works well with 3 large port on each side.)IT has less than 40rounds through it and probably more like 20 rounds.

    Ruger #1 458 Win Mag (Has a 2.4-8x32 Vari X III on it I could remove it though) It has about 10 rds through it. I bought it build a 577 TREX but, I lost interest.

    Remington Sendero 22-250. This probably has around 100 rds through it. I bought it for fun and pdog shooting but, I recieved a Ruger #1 in 204 shortly after and never shoot the 22-250 anymore. It currently is wearing a 8.5-25 Vari X III LR but, I think I am going to keep the scope for another rifle.

    I also have a Zeiss 3-12 Diavari scope I am thinking of selling. It is an awesome scope but, I really do not have anything to put it on. This is not the conquest series either. What is it worth?

    All the rifles are in really good shape and are kept in nice safe. If you guys can give me a round about I will decide if it is even worth selling them.

    Thanks in Advance,