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    Dec 1, 2008
    My brother Hank came home from the Marines for a week during Thanksgiving. Wednesday Dad , Hank, and I went out trying to call a coyote or two. We got our stuff together, ate breakfast, and hit the road to a spot that has usually produced a coyote or two. We got there and parked behind short rock face just tall enough to cover the Tacoma. After 600 yards we put Hank down watching the backdoor, Dad walked another 30 yards up and to the left of him and sat down. I was another 20 yards up from him prone calling. After two minutes of calling I spot this coyote standing at 75 yards. I start to move my gun and here he comes at a lope, all furred up and frost covering his back and tail. Now I had my .243 AI with a 6-18x40 scope, my varmint hunting rifle, not calling I didn't want to chance a running shot so I barked and I barked and I howled and I barked and I could not get the thing to stop. He got with in 20 yards of me before realizing that I probably wasn't the rabbit, but he still wasn't sure. He starts circling back around and I finally get him to stop at 45 yards. An 87 Vmax hits in the chest and drops him just as my Dad fires his .204. The sun hadn't even broke the horizon yet [​IMG] It was a good thing that I hit him first, because this coyote tipped the scales at 37.5 pounds! I don't know if that little .204 would have gotten it done :p It is the biggest coyote any of us has ever shot.

    For reference I'm 5'11" or 6' with my boots on.

    The next stand was a stand that has produced before. Dad was watching the back door and Hank was to the left of me about 10 yards, and I was calling again. Hank and I were facing a big long valley and Dad was watching a flat with a bit of sagebrush. After 10-12 minutes we hear Dad shoot. We keep calling for a few minutes then head over there. He had barked the coyote to a stop and dropped it at 150 yards. She weighed 28 pounds and had really nice fur.

    The next stand we were sitting in some brush watching over some open areas scattered with brush and cows. After 15-17 minutes I spot a coyote 200 yards from my Dad. Just then he shoots and the coyote takes off holding a front leg. I get down and am about to shoot it when I thought I saw it go down so I didn't. We looked for an hour or so and we never found it. Hopefully he was hit bad and died pretty quick.

    Stand number 4 we had a field that has always produced. It is open until the fence then there is lots of brush. Dad was on one end of the field and Hank was 3/4 of the way down it, both facing it. I was 30 yards behind Hank calling again. 10 minutes into it I see a coyote going past me at 150 yards leaving from Hanks direction. I finally howl it to a stop 250 yards. All I can see is his head an 3 inches of neck. I put the crosshairs on his forehead and the bullet strikes him mid-neck right below the chin. It was a 3 inch hole, but our coyote buyer is a great sower, so he didn't mind thankfully.Hank said he saw another one leaving when I shot, but I never saw it.

    The next two stands were dry.

    Stand number 7 Hank and I were sitting next to each other and Dad was operating the Foxpro to our right. We started off with Lightning Jack. 2 minutes into it Dad lets us know there is a coyote coming in. Just as he was getting to a good shooting spot he turns around a leaves. We were all thinking dang, that was it. We keep calling and just another minute later another 2 crest the hill. They stop and Hank and I try to get a double, but our timing was off. Hank hits his and mine takes off. I tried a pot shot but it didn't connect. Hank's wasn't down so Dad puts a shot in its head while it was trotting away.

    I checked my watch and it was a little after noon [​IMG] We had called in 7-8 coyotes and killed 4-5 coyotes [​IMG] It was the most productive day calling we have ever had in 3-4 years of calling coyotes.


    (Left to Right): Coyote #5, Coyote #2, Coyote #1, Coyote #4.
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    Jun 4, 2006
    Sounds like a perfect family holiday. Nice shooting and good looking yotes

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    Jan 16, 2004
    Great day indeed! Good shooting!