Got a chance to speak to the local smith (match/hunting rifle)

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    Jan 31, 2010
    I went to a local gunsmith in my area and it was my first chance to get to speak to a custom gunsmith one on one. A local shooter recommend them to me and after talking with him and seeing his work and titles behind i am very confident in his capabilities! He is doing some work on one of my guns currently and this year will be my first year in some minor competitions for fun! Excited i was going to get a build going shortly but he wanted me to take what i have now, run them first to make sure i enjoy the competition before dropping this kind of money on it. Of course took his advice but i just wanted to lay out a few details as we discussed builds while i was there. Because i am new to the competition part im curious what are some calibers you are recommending. He recommend 6.5's and 7mm's more then anything.

    I wanted a build for some time and had a few calibers prior such as 243. win (or AI), 260 rem, 6.5 creedmoor and 300 win mag. The reason being is because it most likely be used for hunting as well since i am more into the hunting part of things then competitive part. I am currently running an 300. winny on a remington action/1:10 twist factory barrel/bedded HS precision stock, RWS muzzle break with a nightforce on top. Now it shoots well but there something about a full build. So thinking of parting and selling piece by piece or selling complete minus scope and building a 300. winny for hunting and open F-class/precision match. Id love to run something more like a 260. rem due to less recoil, cheaper to shoot but i am more so a moose hunter and i just cant pull that out for moose on the back lakes and clear cuts. which route would you go first.