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    Mar 18, 2012
    Not sure how long this has been available, but it's relatively new. On Google Maps, under "Labs" you can now enable the distance measurement tool. It's pretty awesome for casual ranging. With the quality of the zoom on these satellite pictures constantly improving, you can get pretty darn accurate measurements. The measurements are in hundredths of a foot. So, for example, I can sight in on a sage bush that is exactly 1798.69 feet away for a pretty good 600 yard estimate. I have a huge field/arroyo behind my house, and I just realized that I can sit in my bedroom and practice ranging at any range using this technology (without investing in a laser range finder, which I can't afford just yet). I can see things up to about 1200 yrds away. I've already made a list of objects that I can use to get a feel for distance (I was WAY off when I just guessed). Should come in handy since I don't get much time to actually go out and shoot. (or at least not as much as I'd like).

    I don't currently have a fancy range-finding reticle, so I've just been practicing looking at things of known size at different ranges and under different magnification levels to see how they relate to my duplex reticle. It's already getting easier to guess how far things are based on size/magnification. Can't wait to see if this helps at the range.

    Next step, lighten the trigger... (I have a pretty much stock Win Model 70 XTR in .300 win mag. Trigger is smooth, but quite a bit too heavy. If I gradually squeeze, waiting for the "surprise," I usually run out of breath before it releases!) I thought I'd tinker with it, but decided I'd rather let a "real" gunsmith do it since I don't have a way of measuring the actual trigger pull. Right now it feels like at least 5 lbs. (A tad HEAVIER than the single action pull on my Sig p226, but without the overtravel!)