Good Outdoors/Hunting books read. Show me yours!!!

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    Jun 18, 2001
    Some of my Favorite outdoor themed Non Fiction reads..

    2 older books I have re-read several times, and come to mind quickly...

    The Last Ivory Hunter - The Saga of Wally Johnson: Capstick (anything by Capstick is good)

    Hell, I was there!: Elmer Keith, A definate classic in my eyes..

    Recent finds this yr...

    Crow Killer - The Saga of Liver eating Johnson: James Thorp

    The Mad Trapper of Rat River: Dick North

    Throphies of the Heart: Russell Thornberry

    The Final Frontiersman - Story of Heimo Korth: Jim Cambell

    Alaska Wolf Killer - Story of Frank Glaser: Jim Rearden

    Other Non Fiction books I found fascinating this year:

    Bitter Harvest - Gordon Kahl and the Posse Comitatis: Corcoran

    S.O.G. - MACV-SOG in Vietnam: MAJ. John Plaster (Best book on Vietnam covert ops I have read, especially since my boss was a "One Zero" in MACV-SOG)

    I could go on and on, but more for another day.. I gotta burn up my B&N gift card from Santa too.. Top of the list is Castners Cutthroats - The story of the Alaska Scouts

    Rifles, Walleyes, and good books really float my boat!!!