Gidday from quebec080609, no im not canadian...

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    Apr 13, 2013
    Gidday from lil ol New Zealand,

    Im a serving soldier in the NZ army, not a sniper or marksmen or anything like that, just interested in shooting.


    Did some small bore shooting as a kid, choose not to go to university, thought the army would be a laugh, wanted a combat trade but the powers that be decided they could use my brain somewhere else, been there every since.

    No im not Canadian, quebec is a phonetic in my service number.

    Do a bit of deer hunting when the wife lets me out to play, currently running a standard BRNO ZKK 601, looking at getting my first new rifle, poss Rem 700 Tact with Leo VX II...thoughts?

    Have had luck with my service shooting and am hoping i can transfer these skills to longer distances...