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    Apr 14, 2010
    Anyone make a ghillie suit? Im about to build my third one ( grow to fast at this age ), I am in need of a desert suit, but have never dyed any of the burlap. Any tips on what to use and how to blend it together? Also, any tips for making a good head piece? that seems to be my week point in the suit. This is my second one, only used the natural color of burlap and an old set of cover-alls. ( please everyone post pics of your ghillie)
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    Dec 18, 2009
    Buy a boonie hat in the color of your choice.

    Cut a square piece of netting an inch or two larger than the diameter of the hat. Or, if you wish, cut the netting in a rectangle that leaves several inches of extra netting hanging over the front of your hat and over the rear of the hat where the back of your neck would be.

    Tie the netting off to the loops in the hatband. Start tying your ghillie material to the netting. Put the material close together and use a LOT of it as you build up your head piece.

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    Joann fabric and wal mart sell burlap in different colors. I bought a sage green a brown a black and beige colors for my ghilli suit, plus I am adding some different color synthetic yarns to it.