Getting used to my comp rifle....

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    Mar 6, 2007
    I think after about 500 rounds, I'm finally getting the hang of shooting this rifle. I have to admit that this rifle has been a real struggle for me to shoot consistently for some reason but I believe it's coming together. It seems that once you get comfortable with a particular rifle, your confidence comes up and good things start to happen on a regular basis. Those who know me probably know that I don't claim to be a very good group shooter, so I have been pretty stoked to shoot some decent stuff the last couple times out and felt the need to share.

    Here is a group that I shot today at 300yds while doing some load testing. Since I know this load shoots good, I shot it first to have a baseline for the other load I was testing. This rifle has around 120 rounds down the tube since I last cleaned it, fyi.
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