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    Apr 25, 2008
    Ok I was looking for some help here and I am very new to all of this, I have just got my scope back from Leupold with new M1 knobs, and I am mounting it with Burris signature rings with the 20 inserts. can someone walk me through what would be best for zeroing in at 100 or 200yds and how to get this thing setup back to zerodo you losen that little screw? , also what is the best way to make a drop chart, I'm not sure how this click stuff works? Sorry about all the stupid questions just never tried this before. THANKS!
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    Jan 22, 2006
    I have a 4.5-14 with M1 turrets. Just sight in at 100 or 200 (I prefer 100) and when you get it settled in dead on, use the appropriate allen wrench to loosen the turret and get it back to zero and tighten. As far as getting it back to zero after dialing, they do not have a zero stop, so you have to turn it back the same clicks (and sometimes complete revolutions) that you dialed. As far as building a drop chart, start with any of the free downloadable programs you can find by searching this site, putting in your data and printing it out. This is only a starting point! You must verify these drops by actually shooting some of them! The search works very well on this site and you can get a ton of your questions asked by using it. Best of luck!

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    You'd probably be better off in the "basics -starting out area" rather the the hunting.

    Read in the technical help area at the top of the categories page there is an article Len posted by Darrell Holland -very informative on mounting a scope "" right "".
    All of those articles are great -i reread them a month ago and am glad i did.

    Here's something i did a while back in preparation for mounting a new scope.
    You want to be very near the center of your scopes click range -you can try to count all the clicks then go back half that number -or center the clicks by looking into the scope w/ the scope pointed at the bathroom mirror.Hold the scope pressed to the mirror w/ the light on overhead -you'll see the crosshair plus its reflection -line the crosshair up w/ the turrets.
    Bang you's in the middle ..
    Anyway do some reading up there and you'll be glad you did ,best of luck.-Mike

    ps sure wish i had some burris signature rings !!!!!! hello burris time to go to work...

    Edited to say --go to and plug in your details -elevation,bullet bc,velocity or apprx. velocity etc. it will give you a drop sheet generally close enough to get you on paper out to 5-600yds. -then you can verify 'your' rifle.See ya
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    Mike, That Mirror trick is awsome!! I never thought of it, but it makes sense. Just happened to have my 6-18 buckmaster here (since my POS savage is back to the factory) and It took me all of 4 seconds to center the scope for the next time I mount it.