Get Some Coppermelt!

Discussion in 'Equipment Discussions' started by arthurj, Jul 7, 2005.

  1. arthurj

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    Jan 29, 2005
    I got my bottle of coppermelt last week but I didn't have any stainless core brushes. I got back from shooting earlier this afternoon and the brushes had arrived. I started cleaning and I was on the couch before I knew it! I shoot a factory remington and it still only took 7 patches to clean it! This stuff is excellent and it is worth every penny, I would highly recommend trying it.
  2. 41mag

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    Feb 7, 2005
    I have to add about just about identical input.

    I got my CM order in week before last, and headed to several places to pick up some nylon brushes. None could be found. Man I was bummed. So, I ordered up a batch from Midway whci turned out decent as I squeezed in a couple of boxes of bullets I had been wanting with them. LOL

    Got the brushes in yesterday and set up this morning, at 10:30 on two rifles. Both had already been scrubbed to death with conventional solvents and brushes. The first was the .270, and after 5 patches it was a done deal. Probably ws good after three but just really couldn't believe it. Second was my little Ruger Compact in .308. I know this thing had close to if not over a hundered rounds through it before the initial cleaning a couple weeks back. I just finially got tired of working on it and ordered the CM. Well after 7 patches it was a done deal. Now it is only 10:50, and I am done with two rifles thoroughly clean. Well back to the vault and grab up three more. Third was a 7mag, which has had some serious duty also. It was to be next for the solvent but after getting tired on the .308 I decided to wait. WEll 11 patches, and 15 minutes it was a done deal. A .243, as well as an old Enfield British .303 all got the treatment. Heck if I hadn't stopped for lunch I would probably still be dragging stuff out. LOL

    The only thing was that on the 7mag, I would got a clean patch at about 7, then when I ran the dry patch through it came out light blue. So in went another wet patch and sure enough it would be blue again. I figured that it was just getting the last of the finite stuff out and was taking a little longer getting it up. The Enfield also took a few more patches than I had expected, but who knows how long some of that stuff had been embedded in there. I hate to say it but I actually enjoyed cleaning rifles for a change. That means now I can go get them all dirtied up again. LOL

    Any way you slice this stuff, you can't beat it. If you haven't got some get it, and if your still sceptical, find someone close who has some and let them show you how well it works. I guarantee you will be well pleased with it.

  3. daveosok

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    I got two bottles of it in and went to the gun shop to get smaller nylon brushes.
    I opened it up and it was slightly under pressure and sprayed a little on the workbenck.
    I could smell it immediately and it smelt worse than my shooters choice or buches bore shine by at least a 30% worsening smell.
    The stuff works...period. Wifes rifle was first up and it had been shot quite a few times, I would say around 50 or so rounds and no ceaning. This is a factory sporter weight 7mm stw and the barrel foule horribly after four rounds.
    Three patches, first one was black as coal, second was a light greyish blue, third was a discolored off white but no noticble copper residue or "blue color".
    Amazing is all I can say, after using a home made foul out system and after three applications usually, at least 4 patches had to be run though it to fully remove all traces of copper, this coppermelt had three applications and removed it fully without the 15 mintues each time I used to foul out system.
    This CopperMelt is extreme as its name implies and works like nothing else I have seen or probably will.
    I ordered two bottles and Monday will order two more just incase the guys cant GTST and dont sell anymore.
    Thanks to whoever gave the address for the sports store who had it.