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    Ebay has teamed up with Microsoft to get you cash back.
    We sell on ebay under two names...
    gr8fuldoug1 and cameraland
    Here's how to save with Microsoft Cashback:
    1. Search for an item on
    2. Click the sponsored ad with the Microsoft cashback symbol You'll be taken to
    3. Make sure the item is Buy It Now and pay thru PayPal. If the item is eligible,
    you'll see a cashback notice on the "commit to buy" page. it's that simple
    Happy Holidays
    Technical data on this program:
    Cashback Program
    The Microsoft Live Search Cashback Program provides cashback for up to 12 qualifying purchases per account on The amount of cashback will be determined by eBay, specified at the time of checkout on the "purchase review page" and equal to a percentage of the sale price (excluding shipping and handling fees, insurance fees and other such fees) ("Cashback Rewards"). The maximum amount of Cashback Rewards per qualifying purchase is $200.00 USD. In addition, all Cashback Rewards (including Cashback Rewards earned in connection with purchases made on websites other than are subject to the annual $2,500.00 per person cap set forth in the Program Terms.

    You are eligible to participate in the Cashback Program as long as you: (a) are at least 18 years of age and reside in the United States, (b) have a confirmed US account in good standing, (c) have a verified US PayPal account in good standing, (d) have a Microsoft Cashback Program Account in good standing; and (e) comply with the eBay Terms and the Program Terms. In order for your accounts to be in good standing, they must not be limited or suspended.

    Qualifying Purchase
    To make a qualifying purchase, you must do all of the following:
    Search for an item on
    Click on an sponsored advertisement on that has the cashback icon a gold circle with a dollar sign, next to the advertisement. When you click on the advertisement, you will begin an online session. Sponsored advertisements typically appear at the top or along the right hand side of the page of a search results page in a shaded or colored area of the page.

    Purchase an eligible Buy-It-Now item using PayPal within 60 minutes of the time you began the online session. Cashback Rewards will apply only to the first eligible item you commit to buy during an online session. You may make only one qualifying purchase per online session.
    To make additional qualifying purchases, you must repeat each of these steps including initiating a new search on
    Receiving Cashback Rewards
    After your first eligible purchase is completed, you must go to My Messages on and look for a message from eBay with "cashback" in the subject line. Click the "Get Cashback" link or button in the message to set up a Cashback Program account with Microsoft by providing all information required by Microsoft (or, if you already have a Cashback Program account, log into your account in order to associate your eBay purchases with that account).
    Once you have created a Cashback Program account and have logged in to associate your eBay purchases with your account as described above, the Cashback Rewards will be available in your Cashback Program account approximately sixty (60) days after you pay for your qualifying purchase. PayPal in its discretion may decide to pay your Cashback Rewards more quickly on a case by case basis. Cashback rewards are issued to the PayPal account you used to make the qualifying purchase on