GAP/Mickey Coleman 243AI

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    May 2, 2005
    I have a 243AI RH 700 SA (this is one of the older good Rem 700) trued and chambered with a 26" Broughton 10tw 3 groove rem varmint contour.
    The truing and chamber work was done by Mickey Coleman (one of the top BR gunsmiths known for his chambering and metalwork) Then I sent the barreled action to George at GA and he bedded it in a new A-5 in Desert Camo stock (barrel channel is for the Rem Varmint Contour) it also has the 2 screw adjustable saddle cheekpiece. Also put a Badger bolt knob and coated in Tan teflon on all metal except firing pin shroud. I put on a black PIERCEision gun works firing pin assembly. Oh ya, it's factory bottom metal. Gun has 40 rounds through it and holds 1/2moa easy and better if you do your part. Fireforming was just as accurate. $1975 shipped to your FFL. Also have dies and brass for extra, will discuss if someone wants them w/ rifle. Sling, scope, pod and pack are not included.[​IMG]