G-hogs are out!

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    May 21, 2004
    Work seemed like a bad idea today, so I went and checked a good G-Hog spot just into Pa.
    Before I could get out the spotting scope, I looked at my friend and said [censored]!!! we dont have enough ammo!!! There were Hogs everywhere.

    Out came the 6.5-284, spotting scope and LRF.
    and the 1/2 dozen rounds yes 1/2 dozen!!

    First hog ranged 580 dialed up Bang miss. He stopped at 605 on went another MOA wind and DRT.

    Then My friend was up. He has never killed anything past 150 yards till today 558 DRT!!

    The next two were mine at 498 and 523 DRT

    One more miss for my friend at 625 and we were out of ammo, So out came the vintage Sako Vixen .222 It scored at 348. The farmer needed the field so we called it quits for the day. Not a bad start for the season.

    I ran out of 142's for the 6.5 so I was shooting my 120 NBT load and the 222 likes the 40 v-max pushed hard.

    "Fast is fine, accurate is final"