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    Mar 1, 2012
    We were open at the BCCIWLA archery range yesterday, and what a blast! Shot bows all day, and all kinds of bows too. :)

    I smoked up some venison backstrap and a wild-boar ham. Another guy grilled up some brats and burgers. We had about 10 shooters and 4 ARO's, so we had a feast!

    I spent some quality time with the 35-lb recurve and made some progress at the 20 yard bag. Man am I rusty. Then we started flinging arrows at the 125-yd elk from the pavilion and still I didn't hit it. That recurve just doesn't have the zip to shoot that far - the arrows were coming down at about 45-degrees, and one time I had what looked like a picket fence circling the elk. Next time I'll get that sucker!

    Then started was playing around with the Tac15 and from the archery pavilion. My POI was about 2-inches off at 40 yards so some adjustments were in order, but soon I was 10-ringing the elk out at 125 yards pretty easily. However, I was shooting off a table with the bipod, and also had the back end of the crossbow supported as well. Very stable platform. The winds was in my face and very light. Just about idea conditions. It pretty much shoots like a high-powered rifle with the set up. I sat a buddy down and showed him how to shoot the Tac. He took a shot and the arrow landed within 1-inch of where my last arrow fell. It's cool watching the arrows fly outta the Tac15 - they arc up about 12 feet on the way to the elk and the delay from the shot to the "whack!" is almost unsettlingly long.

    My buddy's ten year old kid shot a four-inch 3-shot group with the Tac at 90 yards. The kid has good trigger control skills! gun)He's ready to go for the elk!

    Later in the day we shot both archery loops and covered the targets up, this time I was shooting with the compound bow.

    I was dragging-tail, but happy, when I showed up at my daughter's house with left-over wild boar and venison for Sunday supper. :D