Fun with the Tac15 this weekend

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    Mar 1, 2012
    Forecast for Sunday morning was calm so I took the Tac15 to the range. I set up on a table at the edge of the archery pavilion with the Tac15 on the bipod and supported in the back with a big rolled-up towing strap.

    Got her sighted in all the way out to 125 yards with the block target and then took a shot at the elk target from our archery pavilion - distance 123 yards.

    First shot - 12-ring! gun)

    Man, I love this crossbow!

    My daughter, the police officer, came out in the afternoon and brought my wife too.

    My daughter told me all about her recent trip to New Mexico for SWAT / Improvised Explosive Device (IED) training.

    They blew up stuff on a remote mountain explosives range from a 2-3 lb HE suicide bomber vest, to a 200lb amphol (sp?) truck bomb.

    She was 1/2-mile from the truck bomb behind a blast-wall when they detonated it, and it still rung everybody's ears. Dang!

    She said most of the truck was in tiny pieces smaller than the end of your thumb, with a debris field that extended out to about 150 yards.

    Too much fun!

    She wanted to learn about and shoot the Tac15, so I walked her through the whole process of setting the objective lens, ranging and setting the speed dial, cocking the hammer with the little finger of your right hand, safety on, setting the scope magnification, crank back, etc. She's spent some time behind a 5.56mm SWAT rifle, so she had no trouble center punching the target bag at 92 yards.

    It was kinda gratifying to hear how badass she thought the Tac15 looked. :D gun)

    My wife was next and then the ten-year-old son of a friend, and they all center-punched the target bag at 92 yards, certainly well enough to kill a deer at that range.

    Once you set the Tac15 up and get a system going it's so simple a caveman could even do it! :rolleyes:

    Then we got the Genesis bows out and the three of us went to the 20 yard target and shot a few rounds.

    Finally, it was off to my daughter's house for a Mother's Day dinner, with 4 grandkids running around like banshees.

    By the time we got home at 10:30pm both me the wife were dragging. Fun but tiring day.
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