Fun intermediate range calcd. shot

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    Feb 26, 2003
    I was out shooting prairie dogs a few weeks ago with my Ruger Mk. III/2x Barska, and was heading back to the truck when i stopped to look back at a sandy hill behind me. There was a small white spot on it i figured was a piece of shale rock, that was just begging me to take a shot at it. Lasered at 100 yds. and using the generic ballistics program I needed 6 MOA of up to get to 100 from my 50-yd. zero. I really wanted to use the reticle to make the shot since i wanted to see if i could accurately interpolate between the wide stadia points in lower-power plex-reticled scopes. I measured the plex post tips at 15 MOA, but couldn't figure the "mil-reading" i would need for 6 MOA. But i knew that 1.5 x 4 = 6, so i figured OK, that's 40% of 15, or .4. So i got into a sitting position in my soft-sided stadium seat all tightened up. Resting the rig between my knees it's actually a pretty stable position. I put the rock at what i interpolated at .4 of the plex post tip, and shot. Miss, and i couldn't see the bullet impact to correct, so i figured just shoot another one, same hold and sure enough i hear a nice "meat report", and i can see 2 small rocks rolling down the hill. When i went up to check it out sure enough there were these 2 pieces of shale rock laying there with a nice divet in them. Nothing quite like a calcd. longer range shot with a 22 pistol--


    ...and a couple PD's--

    I swear though i think the rock was more fun.

    As a side note here, I can get 90 MOA [~425 yds.] out of this turret in the Barska, and it's accurate, and returns to zero--