FS Swarovski Z6i, 5-30x50 with both the BT and the BR ***SOLD***

Discussion in 'Optics For Sale' started by thechamp, May 9, 2012.

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    Jan 23, 2006
    Recently acquired a NIB Swarovski Z6i 5-30x50 that was a custom order through Alex at Euro. If you call Swarovski North America they will tell you this scope is not available and that it can't be done.... :rolleyes: The original owner had Alex special order it with the illuminated BR reticle and with the Ballistic Turret on it as well. He says it was $3500 at the time. I'd bought it with the anticipation of putting it on the Blaser R93 243 for coyote hunting but I don't really need the ballistic reticle. Figured before I mounted it that I'd offer it up here in case someone has a need for this type of setup.

    BTW the only part of the BR that's illuminated is the main juncture of the verticle and horizonal crosshairs. The stadia lines going down are not illuminated. The concept was to have the rifle sighted in and know what the yardages were at each stadia line to make target acquisition quicker and not having to dial the turret to the specific yardage. If time allowed you can dial the yardage in like you would with the regular BT system.

    I'll take $2800 plus shipping for it and it is 'new', never been mounted. Can get pics if you'd like to see it.

    Shoot me a PM if interested or if you need pics/more info, etc.