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    Aug 9, 2002
    I have the following rifles available for sale.

    1. Sisk custom Whitetail Hunter on right hand Remington 700BDL action chambered in 300Weatherby. 26" Hart #4 barrel with muzzlebrake. Black teflon finish on metal except bolt body and handle. Black McMillan stock with Decelerator pad with 13.5" LOP.
    Rifle is LNIB with 1 box of factory ammo fired. Replacement cost at 3900.00. Asking 3000.00 including shipment to FFL.

    2. Winchester Custom Shop Sporting Sharpshooter. Pre-64 action with blued finish. Rifle chambered in 300Win. Polished Schneider barrel with target recess crown and length of 26". Grey McMillan stock with 13.5" LOP and pad. Overall condition at 99%. Model is discountinued by highly sought after model. **NOTE** this is not the Standard Sharpshooter with A3 stock and/or Sharpshooter II manufactured by HS Precision. This is an original Sporting Sharpshooter, and I have documention from Winchester authenticating rifle. Asking 2000.00 including shipping to FFL.



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