FS S/S 700 KS Mtn Rifle in 338 WM - SPF

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    Nov 23, 2007

    From the Remington Custom Shop:

    700 Stainless Steel Custom KS Mountain Rifle with a 24" barrel chambered in 338 Win Mag. Weighs in at 6lbs. 13 1/2ozs without scope, rings, or bases.

    I never liked the original grey paint, so it was repainted with black textured paint.

    The stock has been bedded in Steel Bed and the barrel floated.

    A little over 200 rounds down the tube.

    Includes RCBS three die set(full length sizer, neck sizer,& seater)100 rounds of fired brass, and 100 rounds of brand new detailed brass.

    A safe queen that I've never hunted with nor bloodied.

    $1450.00 plus shipping and insurance to your FFL.(who must accept from an individual)

    Paallleeeeeze, no trade offers, thanks.
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