FS: Remington CDL 700 .264 Mag w/ accessories

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    May 13, 2009
    I'll have pictures up soon.

    Remington 700 CDL dealer exclusive to cabelas .264 winchester mag. Fluted barrel, jewelled bolt from the factory. Has been shot three times and then it was sent out to mike the rifler to have the throat reamed so the bullets could be seated out to standard reloading length. It was pillar bedded and free floated while there also.

    Has a set of talley rings/bases, wears a nikon monarch 3-12x 42mm scope, side focus, regular plex reticule. This stuff is all new and has not been out in the field/hunting/bench shooting etc.....like I said, gun was shot 3 times out of the box just to get the brass Mike needed for reaming the throat out.

    Have three bags of winchester brass all new and a new set of rcbs reloading dies. Might have some bullets laying around too, have to look.

    $1300 shipped to your dealer CONUS only. FFL must receive from an individual. No trades.

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