FS Rem 700 parts

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    Dec 27, 2003
    SPF 1 LA gloss BDL triggerguard with spring, follower and mag box. Light surface scratches $75.00 plus shipping SPF

    1 SA matte BDL triggerguard with light surface scratches $45.00 plus shipping

    3 LA ADL blued mag boxes $20.00 each plus shipping

    1 SA spring and machined follower $15.00 plus shipping

    1 SA speing and stamped follower $12.00 plus shipping

    3 SA SS ADL mag boxes $20.00 each plus shipping

    2 New takeoff Rem 700 TI ADL triggerguards $22.00 each plus shipping

    1 Like new takeoff Rem 700 TI ADL triggerguard with a small ding $20.00 plus shipping

    1 Steel Rem 700 ADL triggerguard, Duracoated OD green $25.00 plus shipping

    Rem 700 VS SA RH (H&S Precision) stock, acraglas bedded. Excellent consition. $175.00 plus shipping

    I need a Rem 700 SA Silver BDL triggerguard only and a PSS SA triggerguard only, if someone wants to sell or trade. LMK, thanks.

    I will will calculate actual shipping costs to your zip code.