Fs KMW Terry Cross 6.5-284 with McMillan Adj stock SPF

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    Jul 23, 2009

    Round count 60

    6.5-284 McMillan Adj A-3 stock / DesertNon ISS assy / Badger 1pc base.

    Here is Terry's work order. Built on Rem long action. Comes with one mag.

    Benchrest true action: Complete remachine receiver and bolt. Lap all contact surfacesl

    Tactical Bolt Handle SSG Stainless Pattern Conversion on Remington bolt.

    Jewell HVR Trigger: Remington. Includes bolt release and right side safety.

    Light Weight/ High Speed Striker Assembly for Rem M700

    Krieger Barrel Blank: 6.5 Cal. / 1-8.5" twist / #17 Heavy Varmint contour / S.S./Non fluted /Match / Cryo stress relieved.

    Machine, thread, chamber (6.5-284 Match), cut to length (30"), crown (counter sunk target)

    H-S Prec. #AP211-6 Detachable Mag hardware with 3 rd. box mag.

    Pillar Bed: Custom cut aluminum or Titanium Devcon pillars and proprietary duplex bedding with MarineTex top layer. Completely stress free. Action screws and lug cleared. Fit and install new action screws.
    **Guaranteed for the operational life of your rifle**

    CeraKote Matte Metal Finish. Black. Barreled action, mounts and bottom metal

    Matte Hard Chrome finish on bolt

    Price $3600 rifle only. + shipping

    Consider good glass in trade.

    Can't post pics. email me 1917b4@sbcglobal.net
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