FS,FT: Semi custom Savage 22-250 AI Never fired!

Discussion in 'Guns For Sale' started by TrophyHunter_colorado, Jun 28, 2010.

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    Feb 2, 2009
    I am wanting to sell my savage SA Accutrigger 22-250 AI that I have never fired, I just got it put togeather and am needing a NF Scope ASAP.

    the rifle has a Short action small shank Accutrigger action made by Savage I purchased from Jim Briggs.

    A Shillen Match Select 26'' Varmit contour 22-250 AI barrel bought from Jim Briggs.

    A custom oversized Recoil lug bought from Jim Briggs

    OD green Bell and Carlson Medalist Varmit/Tactical Stock bought from Stockys stocks

    Warren two piece steel bases.

    I am also including Lee 22-250 AI dies, 200 pieces of once fired brass " not fire formed for AI" also including 100 75 GR AMAX bullets.
    everything is brand new and the rifle has never been fired I just slapped it togeather so I can get it sold. The rifle still needs to be head spaced. I am on backorder for go and no go gauges. The screw spacing is 4.40 and the trigger can be adjusted to 1.5 pounds. It is a sweet set up and will most definetley shoot sub .5 MOA.

    I am asking 1000.00 from my FFL to yours. I will take offers but please only serious ones. I need a NF Scope 5.5-22x56 nxs Npr1 so lets see what deal we can make. Will send pics upon request to your email.