FS/FT Husqvarna commercial 30-338 win SOLD

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    Aug 24, 2010
    This gun was own by a buddy's family since new. I traded him out of it and have decided to trade it. It is a Nice, older Husqvarna commercial (not converted milsurp) Mauser action rifle in .30-.338 Winchester. Gun is in good shape, but has been elk hunting a few times, aka not a safe queen. Red field mounts and rings only NO SCOPE! Good gun, shoots good.
    This gun is chambered in a wildcat. Factory ammo is not made. This cartridge was what .300 win was going to be before Norma beat them to it. This will propel light bullets almost as fast as a .300, but it will throw heavy bullets (200 gr and above) up to 200 fps faster than a 300 win. Brass is easy to get. Take 7mag brass and run it in the .30-338 sizing die. Done. I will include a RCBS FL die set with the gun. I am looking for a couple things in trade. $525 shipped SOLD
    S&W stainless revolvers
    I might consider others revolvers also.
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    Re: FS/FT Husqvarna commercial 30-338 win photos load slow

    Is this the same as the 308 Norma mag round. If it is this is not a wildcat, ammo and brass from Norma