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    Nov 29, 2011
    As the cycle progresses, my tastes change, so this beauty is up for sale. I'm sure I'll probably regret letting it go at some point, but I just don't get the chance to shoot it as often as I would like. I built/had it built roughly 2 years ago, and it's a dead-on tack driver ;) I had this built in .260 Remington for it's great ballistics and proven performance. If you'd like to learn more about the .260, click here:
    The Case for .260 Remington: A Better Cartridge For Practical Long-Range Shooting

    The highly adjustable butt stock is quickly detachable for easier storage and transport. It's also fitted with a bag rider attachment which can be used for rear support on sandbags, or flipped vertically for use as a rear grip:

    The stock is an Eliseo RTS from Competition Shooting that's been cerakoted in FDE. This stock was designed at the request of USMC OTF Quantico:
    Tactical | Got X Ring
    NEW Remington RTS
    One of the major benefits of this type of stock design is the fact that it's almost infinitely adjustable, and can be made to fit the shooter PERFECTLY. I prefer a shorter LOP, and want my right eye to be as close/low to the action as possible. I also like the stock to be canted slightly to left to fit snugly in the pocket of the shoulder. Whatever your shooting preferences are, this stock can accommodate them, and MANY world-class shooters use this same style. Here's an article by a local legend, German Salazar, describing how to adjust one of these tube-gun stocks:
    The Rifleman's Journal: Equipment: Adjusting the Tubegun Stock

    Since I originally purchased the rifle for use with a sling and iron sights, I slotted the bottom of the forearm to use a hand stop, but this in no way interferes with the use of other picatinny rail accessories...and four rails are included with the rifle, and can be placed wherever you desire. Currently, I have one that I use for the bipod.

    It take AICS .308 magazines, and (4) 20 round magazines are included ($300)...Three of them were only used once.

    Here are the build specs:

    The rifle started life as a Remington M700 in .243: $400
    The new rifle was sent to Allen Elliot for all gunsmithing work (great guy, great 'smith and a HELL of a competition shooter). Mr. Elliot performed the following services: >$500
    trued bolt face
    trued barrel threads and squared-up front of receiver
    bushed firing pin
    trued and lapped lugs on bolt and receiver
    installed Krieger 30" SS barrel (standard palma contour, 6.5mm, 1:8 twist)
    target crown and turn muzzle to .750 Ø for iron sights
    ream chamber for .260 Rem loaded to magazine length, throated for SMK 107/123/142gr (they all share the same ogive)
    Timney 40X trigger w/o safety, 1.5-4# $124: Rifle Trigger Remington 700 7 40Xout Safety 1-1/2 lb to 4 lb Blue

    OPTICS AND BIPOD NOT INCLUDED WITH SALE These items are new, and I'll reuse them on other projects.

    Included with the rifle is a Boyt hard case purchased specifically for this build ($275):

    This rifle has a documented 330 rounds fired, and was thoroughly maintained after shooting; the bore/chamber are like new. I purchased 200pcs. of Remington brass, but have somehow managed to lose 22pcs. Brass has all been fired 2X (with the exception of loaded rounds which are once-fired), and are still serviceable. 108pcs of brass will sell with rifle, and if sold locally, will include 70 rounds ready to go. These are loaded with SMK142's, H4350 and Federal Gold Medal Match primers; they chrono'd at 2850FPS if memory serves, and shoot well out of this rifle.

    I have WELL over $2800 invested in this rifle. I'm selling it for $2500 FIRM. And again, bipod and glass are NOT INCLUDED...but I will let the rings go with the sale (Burris XTR low rings). These rings allow the scope to fit as close to the scope rail as possible (which has 20MOA elevation built in IIRC; you'd have to email Eliseo to be sure; I can't seem to find the info on the website).

    The ONLY trade I would consider would be for a high-end AR10 or DPMS-pattern rifle with equal value. Preference given to .260, but .308 considered.

    Since this will also be posted on other boards/forums, responses will be weighed according to time stamp on PM's and emails.

    Rifle is located in Mesa, AZ but will meet the buyer half-way for a local sale, or will include shipping to your FFL.

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