FS: CZ VZ-52 She rifle - 7.62x45mm

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    Nov 21, 2012
    I acquired this little rifle years ago, with the goal of one day fitting it to a custom stock, and giving it to one of my boys to use as a brush gun for deer hunting. Unfortunately, it's been wasting safe space ever since, as I just never have the time to commit to it. I am looking to sell it, or even trade it.

    It is in decent shape, receiver, barrel, bolt, etc, all in excellent condition with no rust and still has the "purplish" patina to it from the arsenal - has one 10 round magazine, still has the folding bayonet on it, and shoots quite well. The stock, when I got it, was covered in a thick black lacquer and looked horrible. I have lightly sanded 80% or so of it off in an effort to eventually refinish the stock. Stock still has side sling mounts, metal handguard, etc.. The rifle is chambered in 7.62x45mm, and I do have around 45 rounds that go with the rifle. The muzzle is threaded, and has a thread protector installed.

    I'm not too sure what this rifle is worth, but I'm glad to answer any questions or take pictures when I get home this evening - just PM or email me (g2gunsmithing@gmail.com). Make me an offer, or let me what you have that you are wanting to trade. I am always needing gun parts, gunsmithing tools, reloading equipment and components, optics, mounts, - pretty much anything and everything firearm related can catch my interest.
    My shop is located in western N.C. if you'd like to schedule a meet and come test fire the rifle for yourself.

    Some of the things I am really looking for are: carbide .357 Mag dies, match .308 dies, match .223 dies, .30-30 dies, any and all riflescopes, barrels that are threaded for Remington 700s and are medium to heavy in profile, Remington 700 parts, 1911 parts (all), and anything in between.