FS Custom Reloading Trays (blocks)

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    Jun 21, 2006
    I recently had a problem my 300 Ultra Mag casings would not fit all the standard loading blocks. I found a gentleman who makes custom loading blocks for any caliber some of which fit a variety of caseings ex. 243,270,30-06 etc. I orderd one for the 300 Ultra Mag. Believe me it was a work of art. The casings fit perfect, No slop at all. He custom makes them for $28 dollars 1,& 2, fit in a small flat rate box. He will have a webb sight shortly. His name is Tom Sziler, cell phone number 1-708-341-7218 His E-Mail is Tom.Sziler@Gmail.com His work is outstanding I am ordering another for my 6BR etc as them being so short the regular loading block wont allow foe the funnel to sit down far enought. They are a little pricey but as far as I am concerned they are well worth the money I will post pictures later. I am sure if you had some other project he could do it for you.lou